Ken Stern

 Qualitative Research
Branding & Consulting


For more than 15 years Ken has leveraged his strong marketing analysis and account planning orientation in working for many different clients in a wide variety of products and categories.

This work has involved:

  • Uncovering marketplace dynamics
  • Assessing and optimizing concepts
  • Formulating communication and positioning strategies
  • Evaluating and leveraging brand equity
  • Testing and refining creative approaches
  • Conducting comprehensive brand audits
  • Developing new products
  • Evaluating user experience

Product Categories

Consumer Packaged Goods and Services
Financial Services and Wealth Management
Telecommunications and Broadband
Healthcare (Rx, DTC, OTC)
Media (traditional and digital)
Food and Beverages
Wine Beer and Spirits
Travel and Leisure

International Expertise

Ken is well versed in organizing and implementing complex international research. He has conducted numerous projects in many countries, including emerging markets such as India and China.

In the course of these assignments, he has cultivated an extensive network of contacts overseas that allow him to identify, recruit and interview even the most difficult to locate audiences and consumers. For each project, Ken works with his clients to make sure the research takes account of local idioms and cultural nuances. Where appropriate, Ken partners with university-educated, business-savvy local translators to provide the highest quality simultaneous translation.